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Four Acceptable Waste Management Containers And Their Impact On Energy And The Environment

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At one time, it was common for people to just throw everything into a large, black trash bag and drop it curbside for refuse collectors. Now, everything has to be placed in an appropriate and acceptable container. If you have joined the recycling and environmentally friendly revolutions, then here are four acceptable waste containers that most cities and provinces will not only allow you to use but also encourage you to use.

Biodegradeable Paper Bags for Yard Waste

When you shop next for your yard waste bags, you could buy whatever paper bags are available. Yes, they break down because they are paper, but the difference between those and biodegradeable paper bags is that the biodegradeable ones break down much faster. They are often made of post-recycled paper as well, so you are saving the planet twice over by first buying a post-recycled paper product and again by buying the same product in the form of a biodegradeable yard waste bags. Because they are faster and easier to process than regular yard waste bags, they require less energy too.

Biodegradeable Refuse Bags

Along with your biodegradeable yard waste bags, you can now buy biodegradeable refuse bags for all of your trash. This removes the toxins that are often introduced into landfills and dumps by the break-down process of plastic waste bags. They will not have the stretch or odor control like your usual waste bags, so you will have to be careful about stuffing your trash into the bags and take your trash to an outdoor receptacle more often to avoid foul odors indoors. However, the use of biodegradeable bags also protects wildlife and birds as much as it protects the environment, making the little extra smell worth tolerating.

Green and Blue Recycling Bins

Most cities and provinces require citizens to separate their recycling. To aid in your endeavors, you will need a blue bin for plastics and glass, and a green bin for paper and commingled cardboard products. Their constant use means that only their contents are disposed of and recycled while the containers themselves continue to aid you in your recycling efforts If your city does not provide you with either of these bins, you can purchase them from a hardware, home goods or home improvement store.

Battery Recycling Bin

Some cities and provinces provide citizens with a battery recycling bin and/or a battery recycling schedule. Since battery acid is especially toxic and destructive to most things it touches, recycling the batteries keeps them out of the earth and away from plants and animals that might be harmed by the batteries. The batteries themselves, regardless of size and type, are either stripped for their metal casings or refilled, refueled, recharged and resold for renewed use. For more information, talk to a waste management professional like Newcastle Salvage.