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3 Reasons To Consider Hydrovac Excavation

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One of the best options at your disposal if you need to excavate something on your property is hydrovac, mostly because this option can provide you with a lot of benefits that other services simply cannot match. Hydrovac excavation works by utilizing highly pressurized water to liquefy the dirt and then vacuuming that liquefied soil or dirt. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider hydrovac excavation services.    

Very Safe

One of the biggest hazards that can come along with any excavation project is that utility lines or pipes can become severed or damaged. Sure, you are supposed to find out where those lines or pipes are before you begin excavating, but there is always the chance that a mistake will be made and you or the excavation crew misjudges the location and damages the utility lines. However, a hydrovac service can help you avoid that issue entirely as liquefying the soil and vacuuming it away will not be capable of damaging either the pipes or utility lines, which make this service perfect when you have to excavate near or around utility lines.   

Extremely Efficient

Another reason to consider hydrovac is that is far more efficient than many other types of excavating methods. For example, this process will be able to fully excavate an area in a tiny fraction of the time that it would take you to do the job by hand or if you hired a crew to perform the excavation with shovels and picks. Since the time that you will be spending excavating goes down a lot with hydrovac services, you will end up saving quite a bit of money in terms of labor expenses.

This system is also quite efficient in that you can use it even in the middle of winter. A hydrovac excavation service is able to handle even frozen soil quite easily, which means that your project can go forward year-round.


Finally, you will want to consider hydrovac services because they can help you dig into your property in an environmentally-friendly way. One reason for this is that if you are excavating near a tree then the soil liquefication and vacuuming process is not going to destroy or damage the tree's roots. This is a big benefit over other forms of excavation that can easily severely damage or kill a tree while digging.

This service is also good for the environment as you will not be producing a lot of dust during the excavation process. With most other forms of excavation, a lot of dust can be thrown up into the air and blown off the worksite and onto neighbors' properties or into nearby streams, rivers, ponds, or lakes. 

Contact a hydrovac excavation service in your area today in order to discuss the many benefits that using their service can provide. This type of excavation service is safe, efficient, and good for the environment.