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3 Tips For Creating A Safer Home For Asthma Sufferers

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If someone in your home or a frequent visitor has asthma, you may already be familiar with the benefits of a hypoallergenic HEPA filter for your air conditioner and heater. However, you may not know that in addition to the use of that item, it is also helpful to use an appropriate air filtration device and vacuum with the same type of filters. The following information will help you choose the most appropriate unit for your needs.

#1-Determine And Eliminate Asthma Triggers

You may have already had to make the difficult decision to part with a beloved pet due to someone's allergens. If you have not already done so, it will be helpful to speak with your doctor about allergy testing. If that is not possible or if you need to wait for it, it will be useful to begin an aggressive strike against all allergens. It is important to note that there is not yet an air filter of any type that can completely remove all of the harmful chemicals and scents associated with secondhand smoke, so you may need to reconsider the frequency with which people who smoke are allowed entry into your home. 

For instance, choosing air filters that are designed to pick up the smallest contaminants in the air will be helpful. At the same time, remember to use an unscented filter in the air purifier, as asthma attacks can often be caused by something as minor as a scent that could unseen by healthy people. You may also want to make your home as scent-free as possible in other ways, including the use of unscented cleaning and laundry products.

#2-Choose Your Vacuums Carefully

It is easy to assume that because your home is clean and vacuumed regularly, it is safe for your asthmatic loved one. Unfortunately, that is not actually true. Since allergens could have been lodged in your furniture, carpet and curtains before you implemented your asthma prevention plan, a filter for your vacuum that is similar to the one you use in your air conditioner and heaters is a good idea. HEPA filters that are hypoallergenic are appropriate anywhere that a person with asthma triggered by allergies is likely to spend time. 

This is another example where choosing a unit that traps allergens will save you time and money. Dust mites are in almost every home and often hide in couches, while your curtains might be hanging onto the smells of old cleaning products and former tobacco use.  As a result, you may find that vacuuming the entire home, including furniture and carpets, more often is necessary to provide a safe space for your asthmatic friends and loved ones. 

#3-Remember To Check And Change Your Air Filters Frequently

One common oversight that can quickly cause breathing difficulties for sensitive persons is simply a dirty air filter. Regardless of whether it is used in the heater, vacuum or air filtration device, a dirty filter is not doing anyone any favors and could even make the problem worse. One common problem is that a clogged or overly full unit could actually start to release the contaminants it has trapped back into the air. 

Unfortunately, there is not one universal recommendation for when you should replace or clean your air filters. As a result, you will want to plan to frequently check each unit and to always have replacement filters available, unless you have chosen to use washable air filters.     .

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