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What Hydrovac Excavation Can Bring To Your Next Residential Project

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Whether you're about to begin a new underground installation or remove old material from your residence, you have options when it comes to excavation. Traditional excavation techniques, like trenching, backhoe service, and land removal can be tedious processes restricted by time and safety demands. So if you want a better way to excavate, you may want to know what hydrovac excavation can bring to your next residential project. 

What Is Hydrovac Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation uses a powerful jet stream of water to reveal and displace excavating material that is then suctioned away by a mobile unit. Hydrovac services are performed in a wide range of industries, from industrial to residential job sites. Because water is used to displace material and reveal the ground composition under terrain, buried utilities can be located faster and safer than when using traditional excavation techniques, like trenching and backhoe work.

Why Your Residential Job Can Benefit

A residential job site can benefit from the elevated safety that a hydrovac excavator provides, because buried utilities can be a hazard to work around for everyone involved during excavation. Because hydrovac jet streams can cut through and reveal pipelines more readily than by trenching, you have a better chance of maintaining the integrity of your underground utilities when they're visualized early. And by saturating the site and suctioning off the debris while excavating, you can enhance the safety of working over ground that's displaced. Because ground that's displaced has the tendency to cave, removing large areas of debris can keep the excavation site cleaner and free from the hazards of entrapment. 

Hydrovac excavation uses a more targeted approach to excavation, which is why it is often employed in oilfield and environmental sectors to eliminate excess impacts on any terrain that isn't being excavated. Backhoe and trenching equipment takes its toll on a large area around an excavating site, because the heavy equipment used moves across adjacent areas to dig and pile debris on trucks or into piles. But a hydrovac truck or trailer service can park either at the site without moving or at a distance to operate, giving you a better chance of not having to make restorations to landscaping later on.

Aside of keeping the safety and integrity of any buried utilities on your property, a hydrovac excavator can work faster than traditional trenchers or hand digging. Moving earth is a tedious process that would require heavy equipment and manpower, not to mention land and debris removal during the process of traditional excavation. Hydrovac excavator trucks and trailers (such as those from Elite Waste Disposal) work to dig and remove earth simultaneously, which quickens the pace of your excavation radically.