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Organize A Successful Bottle Drive Fundraiser

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Raise money to help pay for your family vacation by creating a bottle drive. The following ideas will help you collect a vast amount of recyclable materials so that you can reach your money goal quickly. The bottles that you turn in to the recycling center will be used to make new materials and you will be paid money based upon how many you drop off.

Advertise The Event

Advertise that you are going to be collecting bottles by creating flyers and placing them in businesses in your town. Use a piece of card stock and stencils to design the flyer. Include directions to the location where you would like bottles to be dropped off. Make photocopies of it with your printer.

Call a local newspaper and find out if the owner of is willing to place the flyers in the newspapers that are being distributed around town. Ask family members and friends to inform people whom they come into contact with about the drive in case some of them do not see a flyer. 

Collect Bottles With Others

If you offer a small fee, you may be able to get some people in the community to help you collect bottles from citizens who live nearby. Some people may even offer to help you without wanting any compensation. Elderly people or individuals who have a busy schedule will appreciate that their recyclable items are being picked up from their residences. Allow each person who is contributing to place the unwanted bottles near the edge of their property so that nobody will disturb them when it it is time for the recyclables to be collected.

Volunteer to pick up trash in your community if you have extra time so that you can acquire additional bottles. Let people in your community know that you could use some help tackling this job. Many times, bottles and other recyclable materials are tossed out of moving vehicles. The community will appreciate your efforts after you have cleaned up parts of the town.

Hold A Raffle

Sell raffle tickets to each person who contributes bottles to the drive. Inform the participants of the date of the drawing and the prize amount. A small fee can be charged for each ticket so that most people are willing to purchase one. After collecting the money, deduct the amount that you are using for the prize and place the rest of the money in your vacation fund. Most people love the thought of winning money, so they may be more willing to participate in the drive after they find out about it.

After you drop off the bottles to the recycling center, you will have some extra money that can be used towards treating yourself and your family to a special vacation. 

For a bottle return depot in your area, go to a place such as Trail Bottle Depot.